What one super power would you give your child?

If they want to be

We believe it's the ability to come up with creative ideas and the courage to try them out.

Better By Design

A way to make the world and education better through design.

Why Join This Course?

Inculcates design thinking

Being able to notice problems and come up with innovative solutions.

World's First Arcade for the Blind

Approached by Dialogue in the dark and LV Prasad Eye Institute to display the games at their organization.                    

An opportunity to discover their interests and passion

Introduced to new experiences from multiple disciplines - design, art, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship.

In an activity to "make learning fun for a younger grade", Samarth's interest in 3D printing, electronics and coding have all come together through his project.

Access to our online Innovator Portal

Children become a part of a Community for Young Innovators.
Learning at home is turned into a game through thought provoking challenges, fun content and gamification elements.

Exposure to Technology

Children get to use various hand tools, electronics and mechanical kits to bring their ideas to life.

Our Partners and Organisations We Have Worked With

Hackathon with Girls Code Camp

Girls code camp is a social venture started by a team of Stanford students who are on a mission to bridge the gender disparity in technological fields in India.

We partnered with them last December to host a hackathon at Chirec where kids came up with brilliant ideas.

Better By Design enables students to be curious, come up with answers on their own, and equips them to teach themselves.

If you are a parent that believes in a similar direction, we'd love to take your child through this experience.